Ah, that day in colour of Szpak! … – 14.11.2014

We’ve already tasted December cherries, we’ve celebrated Szpak’s Sabbath together, so we have to follow our  tradition this year, too! The turn of November and December is approaching, when once again, we are pleased to invite you, on behalf of us and Michał Szpak for a birthday meeting with the Artist 🙂  It will take place on Saturday, 6th December 2014 in Warsaw Funky Gallery at Plac Zbawiciela, we start at 4.00pm. It is going to be a unique December afternoon – an opportunity to celebrate, share good energy and memories and create new ones. Shortly speaking: a day of Szpak … 😀

We invite all of you – please join our Facebook event, and spread the news naszego wydarzenia na Facebooku! More details will appear successively on the page of the event so be vigilant 😉

PLEASE NOTE, as every year, we are asking you to confirm your participation by email!

Please send messages to michalszpakorg@gmail.com with your name and, if applicable, the agreement of your parents / guardians. Applications can be submitted until 23rd November. We will send you an email with all necessary information.

And as Michał has announced  zapowiedział sam Michał:


My Lovely, I might be able to have a small surprise for you  😀 



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