Once again about Eurovision, and … Szpak as late Cher – 07.11.2014

The topic of Eurovision comes up, as a boomerang, from time to time. Recently, in an interview w wywiadzie dla Eska.pl , Donatan and Cleo – the representatives of Poland this year, have chosen Michał as the next participant of the Festival, as they said, because of the exceptional voice of the vocalist. There is a survey attached to this news and we encourage you to click 😉


Meanwhile, in the 9th episode of a program ” Na językach “, you could see Szpak reading the negative comments from the Internet about himself.  This sensitive topic for many artists was for Michał an opportunity for self-ironic jokes and witty ripostes 😀 Have a look yourself –  the part of the  program with Michał  is available na Facebooku, and the entire episode na Player.pl (Michał is around 41:50 min) .



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