Eurovision and the case of Poland – 14.05.2014

The hottest topic in the media is recently, undoubtedly, the victory of the Austrian representative during this year’s Eurovision Festival in Copenhagen. Thomas Neuwirth,  performed as a drag queen using a female name Conchita Wurst. The figure of Conchita attracted the attention of the whole Europe, not only because of his strong vocal presented in a moving ballad “Rise Like a Phoenix”, but also because of the unusual image. And elegant dress and a pretty make-up was accompanied by a surprising element, even for a drag queen, a lot of facial hair. The Austrian representative stormed to the first place of the competition, receiving the largest amount of  votes with the maximum number of points from thirteen of the thirty-six voting countries and … but nothing from Poland (according to the voting of the Polish audience, he would have scored the fourth place, while according to the Polish jury – 19th.)

Immediately after Conchita’s victory, our home internet portals and the public set out to search a Polish candidate for the Eurovision the following year – someone who could have achieved a similar success by combining unquestionable vocal skills and an eccentric image. Michał Szpak is, obviously, talked about in this context  🙂 The vocalist commented on the final of the Eurovision 2014 on his fan page na swym fanpage’u:

I did not expect anything like that! It was not me who won the Eurovision but “Konczita” while I have received so many emails as if it was me who had won 😀 Dear All, maybe I will go to Eurovision next year 😉 Time will show and, in the meantime, thank you for this huge amount of nice words , it was unexpected  😉 

On Facebook, there started appearing various websites supporting the idea of ​​sending Michał to the competition (the most popular ones have currently 5,000 5 tys and 4,500 4,5 tys  likes). The music and gossip websites have started  analyzing character features of  Szpak that could help him conquer the European scene. put it this way ujęła to następująco:

He definitely has a controversial image, which (as you can see in a case of  Wurst) sells great. He has a great talent. Michał Szpak has proved many times that he sings in a  wonderful way. (…) He is not afraid of interesting stylizations that effectively attract attention and bring a lot of freshness to the stage. And this contest is also about a show! Michał Szpak himself is delighted with Conchita Wurst – in an interview for Dzień Dobry TVN he admitted that he admires her courage to be able to break the rules and is positively surprised by her struggle to be herself. (…) he also stressed that men who dress up as women have always existed and they will exist and Conchita Wurst has just added a beard to it. We are sure that Michał Szpak would come up with something equally strong to surprise the audience. Like a … a sexy dance  🙂 have even posted on Facebook screenshots of the comments of fans who are keen to discuss the whole matter and who speak about Michał in a positive way, supporting the idea of sending him to the competition. By the way, greetings to the Editorial Office, who have noticed our posts 😉

There is no doubt that Michał Szpak is indeed the most controversial figure in the show business. It is him who does not avoid provocations, willingly chooses extremely bold stylizations and plays with his image. Make up? Heels? Wedges? No problem. The members of the Official Fan Club of the vocalist are convinced that Michał Szpak fits perfectly well in the style that had guaranteed the victory to Austria. What does Michał think of all this? “He likes the idea”!

Time will show if the artist will actually consider participating in Eurovision. For now, he points out, that for him  it’s not only a show that is important, but above all,  the musical level of the event:



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