Szpuck’n’Roll in a student’s way – 09.04.2014

If you’ve ever wondered what kind of a juror would Michał be, there was an occasion to find out in ‘’Proxim’’,  in Warsaw. There was one thing certain from the very beginning: this juror could not be unnoticed!  😉 The judging itself, proved to be not easy at all, as the teams taking part in the competition Stage4YOU presented a very diverse material and a fairly equal level website . After heated negotiations, the jury decided to break the rules and give the opportunity to perform  two teams at the ‘’JUWenalia’’ (a yearly celebration of students). The winners were  ‘’Radioaktywny Świat ‘’and The Unicorns (congratulations to the winners, they really rocked!). There was also a spontaneous “Happy Birthday” for the drummer of the Rooster band, Tomasz Radomyski. As you can hear from our recording, Michał assisted the vocal leader, Łukasz Noszczak, who initiated the cover. Well, apparently nobody can escape the hit!  😀 We invite you to familiarize yourself with our video- and a photo-report.

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