Michał about the secrets of his personality and about his meeting with hustlers – 24.03.2014

W kolejnej części In the next part of the recent interview, we are going to hear how many faces Michał Szpak has and which one of them he officially shows to the world http://vinegarhillhouse.com/generic/ 🙂 The artist also mentions the surprising reactions of cialis ,whom he would never expect any words of appreciation from. Also, on Michał’s fanpage, you can listen to some parts of an improvisation from the studio jam session: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pymorpq3yHQ

This is the way the vocalist describes his day:

Beloved, I know very well that there is very little of me on television lately and that until today you have not heard about my musical actions. Honestly, however, I can say that it does not mean that I have given up. My every single day is devoted to work on my vocal workshop and being fit so that I can, fuc***, do the cat movements on the stage etc.



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