Warlike Szpak – 30.01.2014

The vocalist has recently traveled to sunny Italy to visit his mother and sister who live there. As usually, however, he experienced some adventures  on the way- this time Michał had to chase  a street thief who stole his phone http://touringgreenland.com/online/.  The thief turned out to be armed with a knife, so the situation looked dangerous for a moment. Michał did not manage to get his phone back, but nothing happened to him. In the meantime, he provided some entertainment to the passers-by who observed his race wearing golden wedges 😉

There are more details about the adventures of Szpak on the Italian land on his fanpage na jego fanpage’u.

The gossip-like history was very popular among the gossip sites. Unlike Michał, with his humorous approach to the whole incident, they eagerly stressed the fact that the vocalist had been attacked  ataku ‘nożownika’ na Wokalistę. A celebrity flash devoted a separate episode to this topic  oddzielny odcinek.

Well, we are proud of our Artist, who not only proves that he walks faster  wearing wedges than many runners wearing sneakers, but most of all, that he does not lack courage and a sense of humor in any situation  😀


Meanwhile, on  Pudelek.tv you can see parts of a recent interview with Michał:


Michał about the wishes for his sister o życzeniach dla siostry.

Opinia His opinion on the controversial clip of Natasza Urbańska.

Wspomnienia Memories from “Strictly come dancing”.

Poszukiwania artystyczne i zawodowe Michał’s artistic and professional activities.

Finally, we encourage you to read one of the most interesting opinions in the blogosphere jednej z ciekawszych opinii w blogosferze about the birthday wishes video of Szpak for his sister.



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