Pre-Christmas, weekend competition – 13.12.2013

Today is Friday, the thirteenth … in addition to that, it’s the last one of 2013 😉 Who will be unlucky and will not win? …

Here are 3 questions, thanks to which the day today may turn out to be quite lucky for someone!

Please send your answers with your name and surname to our e-mail  – until Monday, 16th December. Those of you who will give correct answers will take part in a draw and may win a  Szpak – calendar for the New Year 2014.

  1. Who is the author of the lyrics of the song that Michał Szpak performed during Piotr Skrzynecki Festival in Mińsk Mazowiecki this year?
  2. The song ” Oczy Czornyje “, which Michał was awarded for, in Zielona Góra , winning the Golden Samovar, was made popular in Poland by Violetta Villas. Who, however, was the first person to make this song famous all over the world? (a hint: viagra online canada  the performer, not the author)
  3. During which famous festival in Munich did Michał Szpak appear in September 2013, and what songs did he sing?

NOTE: To participate in the prize draw, you have to ‘’like’’ our fanpage on Facebook 😉 

It will soon turn out who will start the New Year with our 2014 edition of the SZPAKENDARIUM full of unique photos – also from behind the scene !



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