An exciting beginning of the intense Autumn – 23.09.2013

Michał had announced a hot performance, but such huge applause that he received in Munich, will undoubtedly stay in his memory  for a long time. The local Polish community welcomed him in an extremely nice way, and the city itself delighted him with its internal contrasts. As the vocalist wrote on his fan page:

Ahhhhh, a perfect city, I could live here, I have to think it over … ‘’a mess that is in order’’ ^^ (…)  I did as I had promised and the Polish community in Munich was on fire. Thank you all for this warm, or a rather boiling hot welcome !!!

The video from the concert is now available on YouTube, you are invited to watch it:

Because the period of Oktoberfest is combined with many attractions, the trip was also a great opportunity to explore and taste the local culture and cuisine, including, of course, beer 😉 Michał did not forget about the fans, and being in good mood, he passed unique greetings, with help of the OFC  😀

On his Facebook profile, he wrote a few nice words for our representatives and his supporters:

It was a great day, full of attractions. I’m happy about the fact that I am surrounded by such brave people, full of stubbornness, who give me a lot of positive energy! Thank you on behalf of all FANS, because if you were not there, nobody would know what my concerts, performances or recitals look like! Thank you for the support that you give me. This applies not only to the OFC but also to those who constantly believe in me and wait. And I PROMISE THAT IT WILL HAPPEN! P & L


After he comes back, the Artist is going to have an intense period of work in the studio (the single advertising a full-length album is planned for the last quarter of this year) as well as recording a program  “Uwaga” and “Ugotowani”    🙂  As Michał admits, he had accepted the offer  to perform in the cooking program, in order to help the kids in the children’s home Jasło, stressing at the same time that


Nevertheless, the topic of the culinary rivalry has been picked up by gossip sites chętnie podchwyciły już portale plotkarskie, especially because Szpak is going to compete with another vocalist, Rafał Brzozowski. What will the competition look like? We will see this autumn.

And in the meantime … WE BELIEVE AND WE ARE WAITING for the next dose of artistic impressions  🙂

The success in Munich was also noticed by  🙂

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