“- It’s difficult to compare you to anyone to anyone. – Fortunately!! :) ” an interview with Michał after the Festival of Russian Songs – 03.09.2013

While the gossip sites are posting news and photos from Michał’s family trip to Italy  wiadomości i zdjęcia Michała z rodzinnego wyjazdu do Włoch, there appeared  an interview with Szpak wywiad ze Szpakiem after the victory in Zielona Góra on the website devoted to Russian music. So far, there has been no publication on this subject, so we invite you to reading this one!  😀

Michał Szpak is undoubtedly one of the most colourful characters on the Polish music scene. During the Russian Song Festival in Zielona Góra 2013, he outclassed the competition and left Zielona Góra with a Golden Samovar and a large sum of money in his pocket. He sang a song known by all generations  ” Oczy czarne ” – one of the hits of Violetta Villas, who was, according to Michał, the biggest Polish star.

I managed to talk with Michał on the phone, three days after the Festival in Zielona Góra ,about his  plans for the future, about the concert in Moscow, about the Russian Song Festival and about a  few other things Czytaj więcej!


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