”Oczi Cziornyje” Michał’s choice for the festival – 31.07.2013

We already know that it is the famous Russian romance song that Michał  is going to perform in Zielona Góra  🙂 And this is how the artistic figure of Michał was presented to during the Russian Song Festival:


This is probably the most eccentric figure of the festival this year. Michał is a finalist of the first Polish edition of ‘’The X- Factor” program. The singer won a lot of fans  (and many opponents …) not only with his powerful voice, but also with an unusual image. Michał likes to perform in women’s clothes, he wears long hair and black, long nails. However, the jury of the program was delighted with his singing. During the casting, he performed Czesław Niemen’s song “Dziwny jest ten świat” and he brought the jurors down to their knees.

He was not so lucky when it comes to releasing his album. So far, the vocalist has recorded one EP that consists of five tracks. The album “XI” is considered by the critics as a kind of a trial sample, released only to check the reactions of people to his music. Michał reaches for dance bits, some electronic ones, and  everything is enriched with his strong voice. His fans are still waiting for his long-running album, which is due to appear this year. We are waiting for our own language of expression.

For the festival in Zielona Góra Michał has  chosen a song ” Oczy czarne “. The most famous Polish performance of this song was done by  Violetta Villas. Is the student going to be better than the master?


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