Enthusiastic welcome in Iława – 06.07.2013

An exciting recital on the picturesque shore of the longest lake in Poland, as usual, has been recorded in our photographs and videos. We invite you to watching and listening, it’s worth to taste this climate and energy!  🙂

A rehearsal

1. Intro + I Will Always Love You

2. Feeling Good

3. Rewolucja

4. Muszę Biec

5. Venus

6. Nieśmiertelni

7.  Dziwny Jest Ten Świat

8. Oczi Cziornyje

9. Czas Nas Uczy Pogody

10. Venus – bis

11. Autographs –  Michał’s fans started running to the Artist’s changing room, straight after the concert. They wanted to get an autograph and a photo: 😀 Michał did not disappoint, he was posed for the photos for over an hour, was giving autographs, smiles and hugs, collecting numerous proofs sympathy and appreciation  😀


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