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He became a bit quiet and focused on himself. He started studying psychology, he practices his voice, he travels a lot. And he collects the material for his next album. Two years after his participation in the first edition of ” The X Factor”, Michał Szpak admits, “I think I am growing up”.

– Two years have passed since your performance in the first edition of ” The X Factor”. What is Michał Szpak doing nowadays?

– The same as I used to do. I sing. I am an artist and I can not imagine my life without music.

– But there is less of you in the media than before.

– I had to cool down as my debut album was not received  very enthusiastically. It was difficult for me to start creating again, to start collecting some new material for my next album.

– I thought you were immune to harsh words about you.

– I am a strong person, but this criticism hurt me. I had been working on this album very had and I put my whole heart into this project. But I guess people expected something different from me. They probably thought that I would rather choose the 80s sort of music. I look like from the 80s and I dress the same way, they had probably thought that I would also sing that way. And I’ve recorded something totally different.

– They even compared you to Michał Wiśniewski …

– I really appreciate Michał, because I think that he was one of the first colourful characters in Poland and he knew how to make a show. I just went more into pop. And then there was a moment that I decided to disappear, to cut myself off from the burden you carry when you leave a talent show.

– A certain sound?

– Yes. The stars of talent shows have a great burden to carry. People who were watching you, who voted for you, they all keep on watching you later on, how you behave when the program ends. They expect you to climb up the career ladder, that you will release a great album that you will be a person who they had imagined you to be.

– You were called a celebrity. People were saying that instead of working on your album you preferred to take part in “Dancing with the Stars”

– Exactly. And I acted and behaved naturally. I did not show up everywhere. I was choosing, and I still choose, events where I sing or if they are related to music. But in Poland, when a person from a talent show begins to show up at parties, he is immediately called as a celebrity. However every artist is a celebrity to some extend. They give interviews when they record an album and they show themselves in public? When it comes to “Dancing with the Stars”, I will never say that I regret taking part in it. I learnt a lot in the program in terms of stage movements, which is very important to me. And to this day I am friends with Paulina Biernat.

– Did you refuse any offers in that period?

– Many of them. For example, I did not accept taking part in projects regarding politics and I still do not want to do it.

– What opinion about yourself hurt you the most?

– That I am hard to approach and overconfident. And I really love people, I love performing for them. However if you are open to people they find it hard to accept that you need some kind of privacy, and then everyone is against you.

– Maybe you have actually changed after “The X Factor”?

– It’s not me who should answer this question. I have not noticed any change. Whenever I went back to Jasło I asked my dad if I changed, if everything was okay with me. And he always said that I was still the same. However I feel quite strong changes now. I think I am growing up (laughing). I mean, I become very quiet.

– I’ve heard that you study psychology?

– Yes, and it completely absorbs me. I’m also working on a new album and I would like to release it this year. I got two texts from Jacek Cygan. This time I’m going into rock direction and  I keep on searching for new opportunities. I also study singing. I have a lot of time for my self – development.

– Apparently you travel a lot, too?

– Yes, this is also a way to learn about the world, different cultures. When I travel abroad, I can see that the music industry is a bit different over there. I have an impression that we do not have such a specialized management, especially when it comes to young artists from talent shows. I remember that in “The X Factor” there were people with me who sang better than I do, but I do not even know what they do today. On the other hand, there are many artists who have been promoted because they have a lot of money while they can only sing on the studio. It is difficult to find your own place in such an industry.

– You had a manager, you were not left alone, right?

– In Poland, everyone knows how to manage an artist, but there is nothing sure and you never know whether it is going to work out. I am looking for a new manager now.

– Do you think about leaving Poland?

– I would not like to leave the country, but it is really hard to live here. I remember the shock which I had experienced in the program. For the first time in my life I witnessed such a huge jealousy from people. For example, I heard that I only pretended to be who I was, that I deliberately dressed in a colorful way to make a show. I did not pretend to be someone else and I still do not pretend. My family or my friends had never behaved that way. I was not brought up in an environment full of jealousy or competition. That is why I feel that my hands are tight here in Poland and  that I am not able do anything because I will always face  negative opinions – because people are jealous. I am aware that I should not mention this in an interview, however this is what it is.

– I remember that Kuba Wojewodzki, who is your most faithful fan, had already said that it will be hard for you here,  in Poland. Are you both still in touch?

– We had a chat some time ago and he told me to send him my material when it was ready. It was nice. Such gestures give me hope and I believe that it might be better here in Poland one day.

– Are you performing anywhere soon?

– Weronika Marczuk invited me to perform in ‘’Gorky Park’’ in Moscow during the third World Football Championship in June. This performance will be very important to me. I will sing three songs there, including one in Russian. Keep your fingers crossed for me!

– Sure I will. Good luck.

Interview: Aleksandra Jarosz
Author: Aleksandra Jarosz
Source: Onet

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