Sunday full of surprises, Sunday full of victories! :-) – 27.05.2013

The moments full of emotions are over  😀

The plebiscite of the portal ended on 26th May with a truly amazing result of Michał 😀 Our votes outclassed the competition of: Sebastian Rutkowski, as well as Kamil Bednarek. Although their fans were fighting bravely, it was Michał who received 39% of all votes (11,264) and he will receive the statuette as  – Polish TALENT performer. Congratulations to Michał and thank you to all Fans who were persistently clicking, they expressed their support and faith in Michał’s  success  🙂

You can read about Michał’s victory tutaj and tutaj.


Our game has also been a success – The Spring Spak – thinking is over. On Sunday, 26th May at 6PM, there was a chat on, during which Michał chose the winners and he, personally, gave them the good news, he signed the awards and answered questions  🙂

Here is the list of the lucky people:

1st place – Kornelia Nieradka

2nd place – Tadeusz Polański

3rd place – Adam Łabudziński

Other prizes:

  1. Aleksandra Perka
  2. Ola Leszczyk
  3. Angelika Psonka
  4. Natalia Drabek
  5. Klara Wiśniewska


Congratulations to the above and thank you to everyone who took part in the game and in the video chat. If there is anyone of you who missed this event, there is a link to the video below:

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