Spring Szpak – thinking- Second Challenge! – 06.05.2013

As it was announced, the Second Challenge is waiting for you today – the next stage of the Spring Szpakogłówkowanie (Szpak – thinking) 🙂 Our new crossword puzzle is a bit more difficult than the previous one. In addition to thinking about the answers to the questions, you need to figure out where to put the answer in the crossword puzzle. To give you some hint, we entered all letters ‘S’ in the boxes.

The letters marked with PURPLE numbers will help you find out the final password.

There will be a full password created, consisting of 32 letters – to participate in the lottery, you should send it to us by email (michalszpakorg@gmail.com) with your name by 22 MAY. Good luck!  🙂


A oto pytania do dzisiejszej krzyżówki – po Szpaczemu, nieco podchwytliwe 😉

The artist who’s cover was done three times by Michał

Ave … from a cathedral

‘’Baby’’ in the title of the song

The British city visited by Michał in Autumn 2012

Black…, she did not like Michał in ‘’Dancing with the Stars’’

He received a ‘’Wiktor’’ from Michał

Another bird, apart from Szpak, in Whiplash

‘’Wild’’ in a song that has not become a single

‘’… Góra’’ from the concert in May in 2012

Hosted Michał in Bytom

November Cabaret…

Mariusz Jałowiec for his team members

Mi … – from a song I MOVE YOU

A city with a broken door

Michał’s New Year’s Eve city

A town with a blonde wig in the background

A month where there were concerts in Krynica and Gdańsk

Fashinable from Inowrocław

On Michał’s head during the bootcamp performance

Numerological for Michał

Gave 10 points for the tango by Szpak

A patron of concerts in Wysokie Mazowieckie and Lubawa

It was on fire in Opole

She interrupted the concert in Leszno

A bird from ”Kawa czy herbata”

The revolutionary castle

Leszek’s instrument

‘’Covered’’ in Top Model

A dance with cream biscuits

A dance on 9th October

A theater that ‘’ had an appetite for cherries’’

Time teaches us… – a song from 5th live in ‘’The X – Factor’’

Damaged during a concert in Gdansk

In Lubawa on the stage after Michal

A dream… in the song by Whiplash

A holiday country from 2012

‘’Wielkopolski…’’ from the recital on 22nd April 2012

‘’Wisła’’ in Warsaw,’’ Łódź’’ in Łódź – from the concerts in Summer 2011

He was better than Michał in the final

X… that made Michał famous

It was in a valley of a mist – ’’… w dolinie mgieł’’

There is also a picture for the final slogan, thanks to which it will be easier for you to sort out the letters from both crosswords. Those marked in red will, of course, be found in the first solved crossword puzzle, the violet one – in the second one 🙂 To take part in the draw, you do NOT need to send a password in a graphic form, just as a text.

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