Spring ”Szpak – thinking” – 23.04.2013

Spring is here for good, bringing new energy and changes. While Michał spends his days working diligently on his debut album, we would like to spice up and sweeten up this waiting time a bit  🙂 We would like to invite all fans to a game, which – with a special PARTICIPATION OF OUR ARTIST – will end up with AWARDS.

You can win a special album with the most beautiful concert photos of Michał, a mug with an image of Szpak and a set of gadgets. All awards, of course, with an autograph. We invite you to take part, it’s time to wake up your gray cells, and also go back to many pleasant memories … before we create some more of them!  🙂

The rules are simple.

  1. The game lasts from today, 22nd April 22 to 22nd May 22, 2013 and consists of two stages – two challenges.

2. The first challenge is a crossword published by us today.  You have 2 weeks to solve it. The letters in the fields marked with red numbers will help you complete the final password.

3. After 2 weeks, we will post another challenge – also a crossword puzzle, however a more difficult one;) When you solve it, you will get the rest of the missing letters to the final slogan.

4. Those of you who send the full password along with their name and surname to our email address michalszpakorg@gmail.com, will take part in the prize draw.

5. MICHAŁ, LIVE, will draw the lucky winners ! 🙂 We will inform you about the details and date of the final … 😉

So … LET’S START!  😀 Below, there is the first crossword puzzle.

You have 2 weeks, on 6th May 2013, we will post another challenge




  1. 1. A band whose song Michał sang during the November Cabaret Night of 2011
  2. 6. Aldona famous for the cover of the album
  3.  9. TVN program, an episode of which, entitled “Ten Percent of Madonna” was devoted to Michał
  4. 10. Studied by Michał
  5. 13. The founder of the prize for Michał for taking the second place in’’The X Factor’’
  6. 14. The guitarist of Whiplash
  7. 16. The name of the British singer accompanying Michał in the final duet of ‘’The X- Factor’’
  8. 18. An unusual place where Heweliusz will take pictures and a video with Michał
  9. 20. The title of the hottest song performed by Michał in ‘’ The X Factor’’
  10. 23. The title of the work, a fragment of which Michał posted on the Internet on October 17, 2012
  11. 24. A title of the first single from “XI”
  12. 27. ‘’The X – Factor’’ rescue song
  13. 28. The angel dance in ‘’Dancing with the Stars’’
  14. 33. An actress accompanying Michał on a stage singing “Mały gigolo”
  15. 34. A festival, during which Michał performed a cover of ” Płonie stodoła’’
  16. 36. A radio, where it was possible to win a dinner with Michał in Autumn 2011
  17. 37. An occasion for Michał’s concerts in Wysokie Mazowieckie and Lubawa
  18. 38. The name of the older sister of Michał
  19. 41. The title of the song, which with no knowledge of Michał has recently leaked into the Internet
  20. 42. Szpak’s record label
  21. 43. A device of Michał’s and Paulina’s jump in Łódź
  22. 44. A place of Michał’s first concert after ‘’The X Factor’’ and of the last Empik during the press tour


  1. A month when the wave of emotions started with the 1st edition of ‘’The X – Factor’’
  2. The name of the music event, where Michał performed as an award for winning the second place in ‘’The X –Factor’’
  3. A place of the concert on 3rd May 2012
  4. The name of Michał’s mentor in ‘’The X Factor’’
  5. The prize handed in by Michał to Szymon Hołownia
  6. A royal band, whose work was one of Michał’s covers in Polish
  7. A favorite bird of all fans
  8. A club in Sosnowiec where Michał celebrated his 21st birthday
  9. Fruits in the title of the fans meeting in 2012
  10. A club where the premiere of the music video for “Revolution” took place
  11. A juror of ‘’The X Factor’’, who said that Michał changed Poland in 7 weeks
  12. A single from “XI” to which a video was created
  13. A band whose song Michał performed together with Whiplash, in 2009 as part of a competition, winning the first place
  14. The concert brothers
  15. Number of songs on the debut EP
  16. The title of the play Michał recorded the song “Mi mancherai” for
  17. A place of the concert on 1st birthday of ‘’Czytanie w trawie”
  18. A program where Michał sang a cover of Rihanna
  19. The only city wher Michał performed “I will always love you”
  20. One of the nicknames of Szpak
  21. A place where – in addition to Warsaw – Michał gave the concert on 26th August, 2012
  22. A dance, when Michał provoked the most extreme opinions of the jurors of ‘’Dancing with the Stars’’

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