Fresh news straight from the source:) 21.04.2013

There is nothing better than an inspiration at 3:00 am  🙂 Here is the message that Michał posted on his fan page tonight:

“Dear All, it’s time for big changes. Time to put the pieces of the puzzle together again!

As for the Record, it was in the climate of Rock of the 80s but my plans are to modernize the material a bit. It will take some more time and postpone the release of my debut album – I already know that, both the title and the cover of it will be great. Everything was turned upside down again but it will start to take on the appropriate FORM, YOU WILL SEE!

It’s a few minutes after 3:00 so do not expect that I will be fresh in the picture!  😀 hahahaha

I wish you all a quiet night and I promise that I will give out not 100, not 200 but 1000% and it will be amazing!



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