The countdown with Szpak… “Polska Stówa” and news from the studio :) 08.04.2013

Perhaps you don’t follow of all episodes of “Polska Stówa”, so we have a list of the ones where Michał performed. If you want to find out what did Szpak come up  with this time, look at the episodes number: 2, 9, 12, 15 on the website na stronie Vivy Polskiej. A large dose of good energy guaranteed  🙂 Michał also sends us reports from the studio, from time to time – the recordings are still in progress 😉 There is a mysterious post on Michał’s Facebook page “Siostra Viktoria od Blizn” and you can hear a few seconds of the song na fan page’u usłyszeć można kilkusekundowy urywek tego utworu.


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