Even the sky is not a limit- Michał singing “Skyfall” and going into the space! 27.01.2013

Portale muzyczne Music and gossip portals have recently written a lot about a recording of Michał singing the latest hit of Adele “Skyfall” promoting another part of the adventures of Bond.

The whole situation is more exciting due to the fact that two other Polish stars have also presented their own interpretation of this song, but they have done it in public,  accompanied by professional musicians. Michał sang it at home, not even knowing that the performance was recorded by his friend with his mobile phone. It was the version of Szpak- for many controversial –  that was considered as the best one by ‘’Fakt’’ “Fakt” uznał za najlepszą 🙂

We also have some slightly unusual news. In 2013, the Polish satellite “Heweliusz” will fly into space, and the scientists will place a memory card with files in there, sent by people – with photos and short videos polski satelita “Heweliusz”, na pokładzie którego naukowcy umieszczą kartę pamięci z plikami . The authors, whose files will be selected, will receive an appropriate certificate as a confirmation. Because the name Szpak obliges, Michał also could not miss the orbit 😀 Thanks to help of Fans we have chosen 5  photos from concerts, that were posted on Facebook, as “Photos into the space”:zdjęcie 1zdjęcie 2zdjęcie 3zdjęcie 4zdjęcie 5.

to the photographs, we also added a video – due to very strict technical requirements (file up to 1 MB), we had to limit ourselves to a short piece of it. That’s why we have chosen the culmination moment of the song “Dziwny jest ten świat” (recorded on 25th November, 2012 in Bialystok), which is, in our opinion, done not only in a spectacular way , but also has a symbolic meaning. Let Szpak add the wings of the Hevelius satellite, and we keep our fingers crossed for the success of the space mission!  😉

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