Because it is worth trying something new sometimes :) – 17.01.2013

The days of Szpak are still filled in with work on his album, and he has recently been doing the driving license, too. He passed the exams at first attempt! From 10th January 2013, he can legally travel from one border of Poland to the other one. We congratulate him on finishing his next step towards the independence!  🙂

To sum up the last year, we  have also organised a Facebook survey where you could choose the best stylizations of Michał in 2012. The winning look was the one from ” Pytanie na śniadanie” (13.98% of votes), the second place was from  New Year’s Eve “I’m so exited” as well as from Gosia Baczyńska’s birthday party ( 11.44% of votes). The third place- from a concert in Lubawa (10.60% of votes). As you can see Fans like Michał in rock stylizations, but also appreciate more crazy and unusual ones.

We would like to remind you, that from 6th January  you will find our profile on Pinterest, still not very well known in Poland, but popular in the West and in the USA

This is Michał’s peculiar portfolio presenting his concerts, performances, photos, etc. divided thematically. We are inviting you to share this link with your friends, especially those from abroad. This way, they will receive a handful of materials with Michał playing the main part  🙂 To view them, they do not need to have an account there, but if they do, they can circulate these materials. too. Let as many people as possible know what an extraordinary talent is there, hidden in our country! 😀


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