Winter is coming, December’s cold weather, starlings have flown away to warm countries …

Fortunately, one, the most important one stayed here 😉 And because we are all thirsty for emotions known from the Summer concerts, we will soon have a unique event – and it’s a double one! First, a long-awaited MEETING FANS WITH MICHAƁ, and a moment later – a special one, THE FIRST EVER IN WARSAW, A FULL CONCERT OF OUR ARTIST WITH THE BAND.

Yes, yes, your eyes are not wrong  🙂

What, where and when? We will give you all information.

Both the meeting and the concert will take place on 8th December 2012 (Saturday) in Warsaw in the Capitol Theater (MarszaƂkowska 115 Street).

The meeting is scheduled between 5:00PM – 7:00PM, and the concert will start at 8:00PM.

You can join the fan meeting by sending an email to: michalszpakorg@gmail.com.

All you need to do is to write your name and surname. You can send emails till 25th November and the emails are mandatory.

You will receive a return e-mail with information that you are on the list.

We will inform you about the details of the event soon. This applies particularly to a possible cash contribution and the method of payment. Perhaps the admission to the meeting will be completely free, but in case you will have to contribute, the amount will not be more than 15 zl per person.

You can also participate in making this evening unforgettable for all fans and for MichaƂ himself!

Report your participation in the meeting, advertise a concert among your friends and send them the invitations to the event on FB, invite relatives and friends to Capitol. Let’s make 8th December a special day for the whole community  🙂

We will keep you updated with all new details and possible changes.

Please follow our site and event on FB carefully wydarzenie na FB  😉

If you have any questions, we’ll be happy to answer.


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