“A place where it all started…” – 25.06.2012

There was a lot going on in Jasło, ojj, a lot! In his hometown, there was local audience as well as Michał’s faithful fans, and above all, energy and good mood. Thank you for the wonderful artistic experience and crazy fun.

Below you will find a detailed report, and in the Exclusive section section a full recording of the concert in Jasło in HD quality and a gallery of over 100 photos – all provided by our correspondents w dziale Exclusive pełne nagranie jasielskiego koncertu w jakości HD oraz galerię ponad 100 zdjęć 🙂

And… see you next week in Wysokie Mazowieckie! 

Another Szpak’s concert is over, this time it took place where “everything has started”, meaning his home town Jasło. Jasło did not disappoint, and although there may not have been a huge, wild crowd that had accompanied Michał last year and had turned his tent over… but the residents appeared on the market square to listen to Szpak and his band- for the first time after XF in Jasło. Of course, there were also fans from other places who occupied the first row 😀  Two hours before the performance, it was impossible to break through to the barriers.

The OFC team presented a new, professionally made banner with words “Szpuck’n’roll” and a colourful logo with a bird – which was proudly hanged on the railings.

Mateusz Mijal from Jasło, together with his band ‘’Chłopacy’’ performed before Michał. Hmm, what to say … His voice seemed good, the song seemed good too, it is soon to be played in RMF, however I did not really like the guy wearing jeans and checkered shirt singing a song about a girl from the mountains.. The show of Szpak was great! It was just the way it was supposed to be – power, wild dancing and crazy clothes!  😀 

OK, to the point … Michał’s performance began after 7pm, because after the performance of  ‘’Chłopaki’’ his band had to install their equipment. As soon as it began, it was in full swing – starting, traditionally, with “Revolution”. For the first time ever, the organizer who came to the stage to announce the performance mentioned the name ‘’Whiplash’’. It was usually said “Michał Szpak” or “Michał Szpak with the band”, and this time, it was announced:  “Michał Szpak with his band ‘’Whiplash’’. Best regards, boys !!!

Szpak’s stylization was the same as it was in Krotoszyn – there was only a feather mask missing holding the veil over Michał’s face and … black leggings under the costume, which made the whole outfit more transparent. But it was warm, the atmosphere was also hot, so everything looked perfectly well 😉 

The repertoire was well – known from previous concerts, with a small exception – I will tell you later on. Let’s talk about Michał’s voice first. Since the last few days, he has been mentioning that he had a cold and even announced that we would have to sing for him. Nothing like that was needed (although there was a lot of singing together with him, obviously 😉 ), his voice was beautiful and clear, I must admit that it was better than in Czeladź or even in Krotoszyn. There were also two microphones in use, one modulating voice, in order to add some variety and refer to the atmosphere on his EP.

Michał surprised everyone when after “Tears in Heaven” he said that a few days ago he was at a concert of ‘’Dżem’’ and ‘’Oddział Zamknięty’’, he talked with people over there and was asked to sing a song during his performance in Jasło and to dedicate it to this town . Initially, I thought that he would sing some cover of one of the bands, but as the first sounds came from the loudspeakers … ” Cień w dolinie mgieł”. It was great to hear this song performed by Michał again after a few months. When did he sing it last time…? Hmm, I guess in Częstochowa… He did not sing it in Bytom… Anyway, it’s been a long time …

I have to admit that during this song I allowed myself a moment of sentimentality. While Michał was singing, I looked up at the sky and I thought “If you are there, thank you for him”. It happens to me sometimes … Anyway, this song always sounds magical performed by Michał.

“Pretty baby” sounded very nice as well, during which Michał asked one side of the audience sing “pretty baby” and the other “come on”. It was rough during this song! 🙂 It took a lot of energy to withstand the pace.

Several teddy bears were thrown to the stage during the whole concert, and one of them Michał called Robert Gawliński 😉  He was in a good mood and full of ideas. There was a short video recorded from the stage, he was running in front of the barriers during “Sensualny”, and during the encore “Venus” he threw a rose out to us, which had previously been thrown to the stage by someone. How romantic! 😉 

There was some issues with the banner. Before the concert a reporter came up to us and suggested that we gave him the banner and he would give it to Michał on the stage. We were not sure what it was supposed to look like, but as the journalist said: “Michał will know what to do” – then he took the banner and was going to hand it over to the artist. However, the banner did not reach the stage, the idea turned out to be technically impossible. It was only after the concert that the banner came back to us and, unfortunately, it was not there on the railings during the last songs.

Oh yes, I forgot to write about a fan action! During the first chorus of “Hurricane”  over a dozen tubes of confetti in a shape of red hearts flew into the sky. It looked beautiful! During  “Sweet child” there was a small accident, because one of the microphones stopped working. However, Michał did a great job singing with other one, and the technicians quickly repaired the broken mike. There were three encores – “Carpe diem”, “Venus” and “Sensualny”, followed by bows and saying ‘’good bye’’. In his hometown, Michał was great for the fans after he left the stage, he gave a lot of autographs  – for over an hour  – and took photos with us.

It was a very energetic concert, we had to be strong and drink a lot of water. I am so glad that I decided to go. Jasło is, after all, like a Mecca for a Muslim – you have to visit it at least once in a lifetime:)


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