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The number of questions sent by you exceeded our expectations. Michał, especially for his fans, talks about his plans for the future, his failures and … a women. We are inviting you to read our exclusive interview for Facebook users – Michał Szpak. The whole truth.

If you win the program, are you going to record a solo album or with your band?
I am planning to record a solo album, even if I do not win the program. If I win the program – I will definitely record a solo CD.
Are you planning to have a career only in Poland or do you also think about a success abroad?
At the very beginning I would like to focus on satisfying the Polish audience. If I succeed – I will start abroad.
If you win the program and record a CD, will there be songs in Polish, English, or maybe a mixed album? Or another language?
Regarding the material, I plan my first album to be in Polish. There might be 2-3 English songs there. Why? I live in Poland and I want to please Polish people because they prefer the vocalist to sing in their native language.

What type of music would you like to be there your first solo album? Will it be rock, punk, pop or some other type of music?

I do not want to reveal the type music at this point. I hope that I will not disappoint my fans, people who count on the freshness of music. A mystery is good so be patient.


Michał, how do you feel when it comes to what people write about you and the way they judge you?

Most of the negative comments that I hear about myself are not constructive and I am not able to refer to them because they judge ‘’my cover’’ and none of these people know me, so they are not able to express any real opinion about me.
What is the greatest value in life for you? What is your motto? Or maybe you are still searching for your philosophy?
Regarding my philosophy, there is one text that has been guiding me since some time: ‘’see through the world of colors, and life will be more beautiful”.

Michał’s big gest failure?
“Purple Rain” – this was my biggest failure. [ps. Michał is going to tell us about it in our next interview]

Has it ever happened to you that your “friends” left you because of your style?
No, it has never happened. There were people who were always against my style and they did not change their opinion.
What has changed in your life since you became famous?
Nothing has changed in my life apart from the fact that I am a public person, which means that more people recognise me and I appear more often in front of a camera. Apart from that – I am still the way I was.
What is your biggest dream?
My biggest dream is to gain the status of a star in order to satisfy the Polish audience.
Why are you interested in archeology? What is there, in archeology, so important to you that you are interested in it (maybe) seriously?
I love the past and objects that have souls, therefore I like discovering old cultures, because they can help me look at the world in a better way.
Have you ever thought of designing your own collection of clothes?
Of course I did, but after recording an album, when I will have more time and more money to do it.
What type of person you are: romantic, loving nature and privacy or an extrovert, adventurous, modern – and why?
I think I am a combination of these two types of personality.
How do you imagine your life in 10 or 20 years? Your private live and the one in the media.
I do not think about it, I live a day – to – day life and I’m happy with what each day brings – ‘’carpe diem’’.
What do you think is helpful in order to improve a positive self-esteem?
It’s definitely important that I know what I want to do in life and that I get more and more support, which makes me very happy and gives me more strength.
Which well – known women impress you most – when it comes to their look and vocal?
Generally, when it comes to look and vocal at the same time, it is definitely Beyonce.
Do you always love yourself or do you sometimes happen have doubts?
I often have doubts and I’ve never loved myself. A confidence on a stage does not mean a self-confidence.

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