Michał Szpak- a colourful bird – Rybniczanka – 11.09.2011


As you know, a big smile, shoes with a panther – like pattern, are the keys to success, so us, as the first ones 😉 Szpak invited to his wardrobe for a small chat.

Michał Szpak, a colorful bird, that’s how I started the conversation, which I had been waiting for since a long time. Here are the results of a short but a colourful interview with the 20-year-old boy from Jasło.

Stefania Lazar: what do you think, are you changing the mentality of Polish people?

Michał Szpak: Honestly, hmm… I do not know, but from what I can see, it’s Poland that opens up to colorful characters. This is probably a good sign when it comes to for our society.

S.L. How do you define yourself? A freak, a crazy person, a phenomenon (although, I know that you try to avoid that…), do you have a nickname?

M.Sz. I was once called a colourful bird and let it stay that way. These are the words that define me 100%.

S.L. I know that you promote a slogan “let’s get rid of  grey and add colour to reality”, I like it myself, I try to promote it, too. What do you think, do you manage to do it?

M.Sz. I think that I do succeed. Many people who come to my concerts try to imitate my look and it is very funny  and also very cool, because they try, more and more hard, to overcome the prejudice and are courageous and want to influence others to become tolerant.

S.L. You have a very characteristic laughter that also distinguishes you from others. Are you aware that small children do it subconsciously, it’s their unconditional activity. What is the cause of it in your case?

 M.Sz. Well, it’s exactly the same in my case (laughter)

S.L. So the laughter, the energy, the good spirit  are everywhere where you are, right?

M.Sz. Yes, exactly! I’ve been always like that, since I was a child.

S.L. Is your image created by a stylist or is it your idea?

M.Sz. Well, generally it is a spontaneous inspiration. When I go shopping, or in general, when I am abroad,  if I see something that attracts my attention, something that can be useful then I start acting.

S.L. Do you design clothes or sew?

M.Sz. ‘’Design’’ is far too big word, although I often do a lot myself.

S.L. The last question, a bit abstract one, have you heard about a page that had been created “oszpaku.pl.” Do you have anything to do with it?

M.Sz. “O SZPAKU ?’’! No, no, no (laughter). I do not know this page yet, although I know all other pages: ‘’socjum’’, ‘’forum’’… and there have also recently appeared a mega erotic page about me.

S.L. Thank you for the conversation.

M.Sz. Thank you and see you soon!


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