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A leader of a band ‘’Whiplash’’ delighted the jury of ‘’The X –Factor’’ program with his captivating voice and his original image. He impressed me with his easy – going nature and a distance to himself. And what will you remember after reading the interview with Michał “Miszanel” Szpak?

Young, talented, long-hair. How is it possible that the boy from Jasło had the courage to perform in ‘’The X – Factor ‘’program?
It was something completely normal . He has thought to himself that he did not want to be bored for the following few months, so he went there to challenge himself and have some fun.

And he has to face the consequences now. Fans on ‘’Facebook’’, hundreds of visits to your profile on ‘’Nasza Klasa’’, you are becoming popular – does this not bother you?
I have always wanted to achieve such a status … It is very pleasant and makes no difference to me really.

Being popular is one thing – and what is Michał Szpak like when he stays alone with his free time?
He is calm and crazy at the same time … He sings in front of the mirror, practices gestures and designs outfits . Sometimes he even cleans his room and washes the dishes. Apart from that, he goes for long walks and meets friends, so that his life is filled with a smile and happiness 🙂

And how about women, is a screaming fan a good material for a loner relationship?
I do not know, maybe – the time will show. I would prefer a woman with a dark complexion, it’s my type. By the way, I would like to give my regards to all women and wish them happiness as it’s the Women’s Day today

All women celebrate their day today, you also have your private celebration. How do you celebrate?
I celebrate every occasion in a different way, however, there is always a lot of smile, fun, craziness .

You sometimes drive people crazy with your image, some people say that you have grown your hair, etc., because it helps to draw attention and make a career.
My image is spontaneous. I do not care what others think of it. I wear it all because I like it, and not because it draws attention … It shows my personality . Everyone has the right to interpret it their own way. I am myself and will always be myself.

Do you take all the comments “on your chest”?
I think that it does not matter what they say – it’s important that they talk at all

And how about changing your image in order “to sell” better?
I take it all into consideration but, of course, on my terms and conditions.

You are on top at the moment, there will be soon someone who will want to imitate you, just like in other programs of that sort.
Fortunately, there are wonderful people in this program who are phenomenal. There is nothing I can be afraid of, I can only hope for a better tomorrow.

I am not going to call you ‘’a star’’ because stars usually fall down quickly – I wish you to keep on shining…
I’m not a star . and if I become a star one day I will try to shine for a looooooong time, and at the same time I will give happiness to others.

‘’The X – Factor’’ starts on 6th March already. Be sure to turn on TVN at 8:00PM and support Michał on the glass screen! A success tastes better when it’s shared!

Natalia Kuchta


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