Different does not mean worse – UWAGA! chat – 18.03.2011


~kingaKwidzyn: Dear Michał, how does it feel when people have shivers at the sound of your voice, like me, and there are tears in their eyes, like in my case?
Michał Szpak: Generally, it’s nice to know that I make people have such feelings. I think that this is what music is about.

Emo_Kitty: Do you like performing on a stage?
Michał Szpak: The stage is my home, obviously.

Svoerg: Michał, how long have you been practicing your voice?
Michał Szpak: Since I was 9 years old, however I’ve had a long break, so 5 years in total.

~Daniel_TG: When did you notice your talent for singing?
Michał Szpak: When I was in the first year of a high – school.

Julka22: How does it feel to perform in ‘’The X-Factor’’? Are you stressed when it comes to the opinion of the jury?
Michał Szpak: I was not stressed of the opinions of the jury, but I was afraid when it came to the other participants (I mean competition).

~noemka: Have you ever felt embarrassed after someone’s reaction to your original style?
Michał SzpakMichał SzpakMichał Szpak: I do not allow such thoughts come to my mind. If I did, I would never be able to show myself on the stage of ‘’The X Factor’’.

~Daniel_TG: Is your style your own idea, or do you try to imitate anyone?
Michał Szpak: It’s definitely my own idea. You may think that I am trying to be similar to someone, but as you all know, everything that there was to be invented has already been invented. Nowadays we can only imitate others add our own elements.

~Ciekawska: What do you think of the juror who ordered you to take off the “feminine jewelry”?
Michał SzpakMichał Szpak: It seems to me that the song describes my life and myself, somehow. As you know: ‘’it’s a strange world … ‘’:)

~elizuch: In that case, why do you think that your world is weird?
Michał Szpak: My world is very ordinary, but people think that I am from a strange world.

~VIVI: I’ve seen a poster of Michael Jackson on a wall in your room in one of the programs. Do you get any inspiration from him? If so, what do you value the most in him?
Michał SzpakMichał Szpak: Nothing has changed, it is as it used to be. However, the approach of society has changed.

~olasli1: Do you allow such ordinary people like us enter your world?
Michał Szpak: Yes of course. Everyone has their own value and talent, and we are all equally important.

~monia111 Do people look at you in a different way now, after the show, not as if you were from a “strange world “?
Michał Szpak: Yes, of course. They still see me as someone from a ‘’strange world’’ (which is strange), but I have noticed that people are more open to new experiences.

Illaaa: Hi! You are phenomenal! You are a big question mark for me and I wish you all the best. I am curious what you will show as an artist. Will your image help you with your career? What do you think?
Michał Szpak: Trudno mi powiedzieć, czy pomoże mi w karierze. Mój wizerunek to ja i nie mam zamiaru go zmieniać.

Julka22: Do you think that you could live without music?
Michał Szpak: Definitely not. I have recourse to music every time I experience some problems.

~Emilka: What is it like at the backstage of such programs? What is it like in ‘’The X- Factor’’?
Michał Szpak: The backstage of such a program is very tiring. Everything takes a very long time and makes you exhausted.

~Piotrek1994: What is it like to meet Kuba Wojewódzki, Maja and Czesław. In other words, what is it like to stand in front of such people? How does it feel?
Michał Szpak: It was an ordinary feeling for me. They are people like us, only created by TV.

sara85: It was an ordinary feeling for me. They are people like us, only created by TV?
Michał SzpakMichał SzpakMichał Szpak: Of course, architecture of the past centuries, design.

~rastagirl: : Do you think that you are already a star to a certain extent? People recognize you already?
Michał Szpak: Yes, people recognize me already, but I do not agree with the status of a star. There is still a long and difficult way for me to go.

mamuska: Has your heart chosen anyone already? If yes, does she accept your image?
Michał Szpak: Yes, my heart has chosen music.

whox: Would you like to make a world-class career?
Michał Szpak: Yes. Yes, of course. It’s going to be very difficult to reach the level of the foreign stars. But I am going to work hard and show that you can make good music in Poland.

~Emilka: From the way you talk and behave, we can see that you have a healthy attitude towards yourself and others and you are sure of what you want to look like. Was it difficult for you (in today’s world) to work out your self-confidence?
Michał SzpakMichał Szpak: I do hope that what has happened on the stage will teach people something and that people will understand it all and will stop judging a book by its cover.

~justynapsk: I will change the topic a bit. Do you often chat online? Do you have, in all this confusion, any spare time left for your private things?
Michał Szpak: I do not visit chat rooms at all. And time for myself: of course I do have.

zyndziora: In the program “Uwaga” you said that you wanted to be a star like Madonna. How are you going to achieve this? Do you have any plans yet?
evk1: And what after the program? Are you going to make use of your 5 minutes, record a CD, and go back to your everyday life, go on a trip around the world?
Michał SzpakMichał Szpak: The most important value for me is to get to know myself. And this should be everyone’s value, plus we should be strong.

RudaJanica: What is your biggest dream?
Michał Szpak: My biggest dream is to achieve the status of a star. Not only in this country:)

~sienkiewitz: What did you feel when you had a sore throat and you were not able to sing?
Michał Szpak: I felt helpless.

~smerfetka__: If you could change anything in yourself, what would it be?
Michał Szpak: Maybe I could stop being childish.

~Klaudek: Are you planning to manage your career yourself or use a professional management? Or maybe fifty-fifty?
Michał Szpak: You cannot manage your career yourself. I hope you realize what sort of duty it is. I will want to create my own management.

~zamortyzowana: Are you not afraid that after reaching the top, you can suddenly start to fall down?
Michał Szpak: I have already experienced a few failures in my life. It seems to me that this is an inseparable sphere of life and one must also learn to fall down.

mamuska: : How are you doing at school now? Does your passion have any negative impact on your education?
Michał Szpak: As you know, I am not at school at the moment. I’ve just passed my high school exams and I am waiting for the new school year to go to university.

Herbi_Bierun: What would you like to study?
Michał Szpak: : I consider choosing one of the three topics: economics, archeology and psychology.

RudaJanica: Why such topics?
Herbi_Bierun: Not music?
Michał Szpak: : Economics because I’ve just graduated from a school of economics, archeology because I love the past and psychology because I love to learn about human minds. Singing is an inseparable part of my life.

AndziaM: To be honest, people are afraid of talking to others who stand out from the crowd, do you think that as a psychologist you would be able to fight with this opinion?
Michał Szpak: Fighting with something like this would be very difficult and arduous in our country. But maybe after a few years, some people would become convinced that different does not mean worse.

~Kaka: Has anyone offered you professional singing classes – after the performance in ‘’The X-Factor?
Michał Szpak: No.

~Anuska: Is music your passion or a way of life?
Michał Szpak: Both.

lukier333 How much time per day do you spend on rehearsals?
Michał Szpak: Around one hour.

~SweetSuicide: What does the pre – casting look like?
Michał Szpak: During the pre – casting we had to sing a song a capella in front of a commission where there were producers.

~mart13yna: Why didn’t you take part in “Mam Talent”?
Michał Szpak: Because in “Mam Talent” there are people who are not focused on one topic. The winners of the program are people who make you feel hopeless. Besides, I have no intention to compete with small girls or boys who, as you know, immediately arouse sympathy.

~agitaaa: Do you sing solo or in a band?
Michał Szpak: I sing solo since a year and a half.

Kasat: Are not you afraid that people will start using your fame?
Michał Szpak: I know that this is the way it is. This is what the show business is about. Sometimes you have to let people use you to be able to make use of them later on.

~mmm_: Have you been waiting for this sort of program? Why did you not take part in “Must be the music?
Michał Szpak: Yes, I was just waiting for” The X-Factor” because it’s a big prestige to perform in this program, to face people who are just as good or better than you.

~sokowirowka: You have beautiful hair. Do you take care of t in a special way?
Michał Szpak: No, I don’t.

Agnieszka1971: Do you already know your next song in ‘’The X –Factor?
Michał Szpak: The songs in ‘’The X-Factor’’ are not chosen by the participants.

MrDraco86: Could you confirm that this chat was not prepared in advance and it’s not just ‘’copy-paste’’. I would just like to know that there is a real person sitting over there.
Michał Szpak: It’s me sitting here of course, but I am not able to prove it.

AndziaM: Is it hard to talk to your family abroad, like you and your sister, does she support you as much as the rest of the family?
Michał Szpak: My sister supports me much more than the rest of the family, because her life is also about music. She understands me perfectly well.

Fanka111: What are you going to do if you win?
Michał Szpak: I will be very happy.

jhbmyn: Have you ever wondered what will your private life look like after achieving the success?

Michał Szpak: No, I never thought about it. The time comes for everything.

roll40: Hi, my name is Mateusz and, like you, I love singing, some people think that I am good, hence my question – how to start the dream career of a singer?
Michał Szpak: It is very difficult for me to answer this question. Create your own character, find a band and create yourself.

mika2203: Are you not scared a bit by the fact that until now nobody has treated you in any special way and now you are suddenly recognized and asked for an autograph?
Michał Szpak: It’s not like that. In my life I have always had such situations. They were less frequent, however, it’s not much different at the moment. The only change is the number of people who ask me for something like that.

XXVIIon: Michał, Kuba Wojewódzki once said in ‘’Idol’’: ‘’ Everyone can sing, but not everyone wants to listen to it’. What do you think?
Michał Szpak: He is right to some extent, every single person has the right to do so, even when he cannot sing, one has the right to go on a stage and present himself.

~wiosenny_deszcz: If you find a good manager, who will recommend you change your image, what are you going to do?
Michał Szpak I will never cooperate with a person who will not accept me 100%. My image is me and I do not want to change.

Herbi_Bierun: If a record label offered you the opportunity to record a CD today, would you resign from ‘’The X-Factor?
Michał Szpak: No, I don’t think so. No record label is able to offer me such an adventure where I can meet so many people and compete with them in an honest way.

~viivi: : During the recordings of the program the participants live in Warsaw, do they return to their hometowns after the recordings?
Michał Szpak: Yes. We go back home, and we prepare for the next level.

~Onaaa: Are you satisfied with the opinion of the jury after your performance?
Michał Szpak: Yes. I think I could not hear better words.

Oskar555: What do you think, are you able to win the program?
Michał Szpak: It depends only on you. I will do everything I can to make it happen.

~olatwojafanka: Do many people ask you for an autograph?
Michał Szpak: Well, it’s been more and more recently.

~zamortyzowana: Have you already composed your own songs?
Michał Szpak: Yes, I have already composed a few songs.

Kasat: Were you surprised when you were asked to take part in the program ‘’Uwaga’’? Have you received more offers to take part in other programs?
Michał Szpak: To be honest, I was surprised by this offer. And as you can see, I also got a proposal to take part in ‘’Dzień Dobry TVN.

~Avenue_Smok_xD: As a person with a colorful and interesting personality, are you sometimes not tired of the unfavorable opinions from other people who do not try to understand you? Do you sometimes want to stand in front of them and shout ” Hey! This is my life, and this is the way I want to be seen!”?
Michał Szpak: This is not about being noticeable. I do not do it on purpose. This is the way I am.

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