Michał’s unusual artistic path has its secret beginnings in a history of a local underground music scene of the Podkarpacie region. His musical activities, while being a young teenager, are inseparably linked with a band ‘’Whiplash’’, founded in March 2007 by Kamil Czapla and a few friends fascinated with classic rock’n’roll. The members of the band have changed many times over the years. There were eventually five members left who were from Jasło and the surrounding area:

Michał Szpak (vocal)
Kamil Czapla (rhythm guitar, acoustics)
Mariusz Jałowiec (solo guitar)
Sebastian Jałowiec (bass guitar)
Mateusz Idzikowski (drums), he was replaced by Leszek Ochałek in 2009

During the first performances, the band played mainly covers, however, over the time, they began to compose their own songs, inspired by various types of music, from blues to metal and making use of composing abilities of the members of the band. ‘’Whiplash’’ combined the austerity and heaviness of rock riffs with elusive secrets hidden in romantic melodies and honest, personal lyrics. The key element that influenced the final image of the band was the expressive voice of Michał, the youngest member of the group, who brought a breath of fresh air to the band, huge amount of extraordinary emotions, passion and sensitivity. The stage potential of Szpak had a chance to be revealed during numerous concerts thanks to which the band won their independence and the hearts of the audience. The charismatic frontman used various ways of expressing himself what made the performances spontaneous and zestful. He used his unlimited imagination to create crazy stage stylizations, and his growing interpretive and vocal talent was the basis for expressive improvisations including even some quasi- opera vocalises. The unique artistic abilities and personality of Michał soon became a hallmark of ‘’Whiplash’’, and his total involvement in every single performance, his stage freedom and his unique style were always commented on in the local music community. The band even managed to perform in one of the pubs in Jasło with a meaningful name ‘’The Legend’’.

The band changed its name to ‘’DeStar’’ for a short period of time. With an unforgettable performance of a song “Cień w Dolinie Mgieł’’ they won a contest ” Wyśpiewaj Wilki ‘’. The band also appeared twice during the concerts of ‘’The Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity’’ in the Podkarpacie region, and the first demos were very popular among their fans.

Currently, Michał focuses on his solo career, but he remains in touch with his colleagues from ‘’Whiplash’’ who often accompany him on a stage. Kamila Czapla is still his best friend. Although Michał considers this chapter of his artistic life as a closed one, he is grateful to the band for many exceptional memories and shared experience and he appreciates the considerable role of the band in his personal and creative development.

From the left: Mariusz, Leszek, Maciej and Kamil


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