Support for Gienek Loska

As the Official Fan Club of Michał Szpak, we are asking for your support for Gienek Loska who urgently needs funds for a treatment and rehabilitation. As we remember, Gienek Loska became the winner of the first X Factor in 2011 and he was the main rival of our Michał. Life has its own directions and paths, there are sometimes sad and hard times for us. This difficult time has came for Gienek and together with Michał we want to support him on his way back to a recovery.

You can find out more about Gienek’s difficult situation here:…/Gienek-Loska-jest-spiaczce.-Drama…


We will be grateful for every single donation. We will transfer the collected money to the account of the Polish Music Foundation, which is in charge of the main campaign to collect money for the treatment and rehabilitation of Gienek Loska.

The money can also be paid directly to our bank account with a note “a donation for statutory purposes – treatment and rehabilitation of Gienek Loska”:

Association of the Official Fan Club of Michał Szpak

ING Bank Śląski SA

PLN: 32 1050 1764 1000 0090 8012 5538

EUR: 10 1050 1764 1000 0090 8012 5546


You can also donate items for an auction, the funds from it will also be transferred for Gienek’s treatment. We would like to thank in advance all of you who would like to contribute!

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