DD TVN – “King of the Season” single premiere – 20.05.2018

Premiere performance of “King Of The Season” song, chat and interview with Michał.

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The new Michał Szpak’s song is here! On Saturday, May 20, the artist performed his new “King of the Season” song without prior announcements. The premiere live performance of the new single took place during the artist’s visit to the ‘Dzień Dobry TVN’ studio. The coach of “The Voice of Poland”, announced some time ago the new material will sound the way nobody would expect. Has he kept his word? Definitely! Soul and American retro is a style we have probably not heard him perform yet. However, it must be said this genre suits him perfectly. “King of the Season” is not only a potential hit of the year, but also a song heralding his new, entirely English language album, which is due to be released in September. Read more on Gala. pl

Michał Szpak was a guest on the weekend edtion of Dzień dobry TVN show where he perfomed “King of the Season” song. Leaving the studio, the vocalist, as usual, attracted the paparazzi’s attention with his extravagant look.

The star expressed the summer vibe in somewhat peculiar manner, wearing a white singlet matched with red ankle boots. The rather unusual combination was accented with black ‘tights’ emerging from under stylish jeans decorated with pearls. Is Michał Szpak ahead of the trends again?

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Us, from Jasło, we are proud of Michał’s thriving career. We keep our fingers crossed for his success and we hope that the album ‘’King Of the Season’’ will bring Michał the same number or awards, or even more, as ‘’Byle Być Sobą’’, which gained the status of a platinum album in 2015.



This is the end of uncertainty for Michał Szpak’s fans. The vocalist who represented Poland at the Eurovision Song Contest in 2016, will soon release his new album. He gave us a glimpse by performing his new single live „King of the Season”. It is believed that is the tile of the new album which will be released on September 7, 2018.


It will definitely be very climatic and eclectic. There will be different types of music, because it’s about quality, of course. There will be some blues, jazz and some rock.. I think there is going to something for everyone. 


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