Musical inspirations – 28.05.2015

According to what we announced some time ago, Michał visited the program “Świat się kręci” for the second time this month. This time he had the opportunity to tell us about one of his favorite band, the Aerosmith, and sing the cult song. This way, we received an extremely charismatic performance of “Dream On”, which delighted the audience and Szpak almost flew away from the table 😀 No one  is surprised any longer by the comparison, since ‘’The X- Factor’’, of  Michał to young Steven Tyler  🙂 The episode  Odcinek is now online (about 30 : 25 min), there is also a separate video with the whole conversation and Michał’s speech, we encourage you to watch itoddzielny filmik z całą rozmową i wystąpieniem Michała.

For the Vocalist it was also an opportunity to introduce his new guitarist, Damian Kurasz. On the other hand, when he spoke about the unusual musical relationship of Steven Tyler with Joe Perry, the faithful fans certainly sensed a note of longing for a longtime friend and  a guitarist, Kamil Czapla. Szpak confirmed this on his fanpage later on, na swoim fanpage’u:


Kamil Czapla, my dearest friend, the interview when I talked about the wonderful duo on a stage was about You, of course. You are like a brother to me and I will never , never ever, forget about our entire musical history! I paid a tribute to you on TV because you deserve it, that’s all I could do  🙂 Thank you that you were, and that you still are, and for every ’’rif’’ played together. I hope that we will stand on one stage again and show what it means real Rock’n’roll!

Kamil replied with words:


Thanks! I wish you a great cooperation and success! Good luck gentlemen – let the world hear about you !!!


In addition to the young vocalist, there were representatives of the older generation of music in the studio: Jan Borysewicz and Kayah, there was also a group photo with Monika Kuszyńska  🙂



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