Szpak All Inclusive – 20.04.2015

Michał’s visits in Dzień Dobry TVN have often left the fans unsatisfied; the questions addressed to the young artist on the couch were tendentious, and the airtime during the performances – limited. This time, however, the station served us a full package!  🙂 Szpak’s visit in the morning program began with  a live chat with fans. You can learn from it what musical atmosphere and language will dominate on the upcoming album, what Michał would like to change in his current artistic career and … whether he is a vegetarian 😉 You can find a full recording of the conversation on the program’s website na stronie programu. Later on, we had the opportunity to watch a report, where a camera of DDTVN accompanied Michał at home, during a singing lesson and in a studio. There were also statements of the new manager of Michał, Jacek Jastrowicz, and the teacher, Tadeusz Konador. Commenting on his material, the vocalist explained the source of changes that took place over the time, as well as the impact of these changes on the completed music material. The icing on the cake was the full live performance of “Real Hero” in the studio. Szpak, looking like a younger edition of Ozzy Osbourne and Steven Tyler, was singing surrounded by  women from a string quartet, who we’ve already seen in the music video. As part of the TV premiere, there were snapshots from the clip displayed in the background, it was also possible to notice Kinga Rusin swinging and humming the chorus of the song  🙂


Komplet filmików na stronie DDTVN – you are invited to watch!

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The presence of Michała in DDTVN on Sunday morning attracted his fans and photo reporters to the studio. The Vocalist received from us, apart from congratulations, a basket of roses 🙂

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