Krotoszyn 26.05.2012

Ufff! A brilliant concert in Krotoszyn is over! We can still feel the emotions, and we are already inviting you to the Exclusive section, where you will find a recording of the entire concert prepared, especially for you, plus high-quality photos, a detailed coverage, and … a surprise that you certainly do not expect  😉

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A report from the concert

After wonderful concerts in Jelenia Góra and Czeladź, we can definitly consider Michał’s performance in Krotoszyn as a successful one. The weather was great, the audience amazing, and of course – what becomes the standard – enthusiastic  fans in first rows who come to Michał’s concerts from all over Poland and even from abroad. By the way, one of the organizers approached us around ten minutes before Michał appeared on the stage and asked if we were really waiting for Szpak. I guess he did not think, that Michał has fans who overcome hundreds of kilometres to see and hear their idol. Well, Sir, Michał’s fans will certainly surprise you again… 😉
Fortunately, there attendance in Krotoszyn was great, which was good especially because of the fact that the reactions of the residents to the news that Michał Szpak was going to sing there had not always been enthusiastic. However,  Krotoszyn did not disappoint! Around 8:30 pm, the place began to fill up with people and, as a result, the concert was watched by a large crowd. Just after 9:00 pm there was a well – known (for those whoregularly go to the gigs ) announcement from the loudspeakers, the boys from the band appeared on the stage and the show began. You could see Michał’s creative approach regarding his stylization that evening! Szpak was wearing a costume consisting of black trousers with rows of fringes, a see – through top revealing his entire back. Of course, there were feathers – the collar and the gadgets on his hands. Michał’s face was initially hidden behind a black veil, which he took off after singing the first song. Amazing!

As in Czeladź, Michał used two microphones, but there were fewer “special effects” generated by them.

From the very beginning, the first rows of fans went crazy until the very last song of Michał, because there were a lot of devoted fans in Krotoszyn that day. They demonstrated the strength of their legs, arms and throats 🙂 The energy from the audience reflected in Michał’s performance as the concert was very wild that day.

The list of songs included the same ones that Michał had presented in Jelenia Góra and Czeladź, apart from “Are you gonna go my way” by Kravitz – this was left as an encore. There was a great action during the concert, it was an idea of one of the faithful fans – over a dozen boxes of gold confetti and serpentines went into the air. It had been decided that they would fly into the sky during the first chorus of “Carpe diem”. It looked great! A colorful stage, lights, a dark night and gold ribbons floating in the air and falling down onto grass … Beautiful 🙂 We do not envy the team, who had to do the cleaning after the gig, well, it is sometimes worth to sacrifice in the name for art. 😉

As it was already mentioned, Michał was full of energy in Krotoszyn – there were a lot of Szpak – gestures, movements, shaking his hair, rolling on the stage, running in front of the barriers during “Sensual”. There was also something new – Kamil decided to say a few words! 😉 After Michał introduced the members of the band, he approached Kamil and said “Well, say something’’. He had to encourage his friend twice when Kamil finally said  “vocal – Michał Szpak”. Well, Mr. Czapla, you will be more talkative with time 😉

After “Sensual” the fans – as it had been arranged –  began to clap their hands to “We will rock you”, changing the words to “You will rock us” and shouted for an encore. There were also a lot of screaming. During the encore Michał presented “Venus” and “Are you gonna go my way”, after that he bowed and he slid down the stage from Kamil’s back.

There were also autographs and Michał singing ‘’Sto lat’’ for all mothers as it was Mother’s Day.

Ufff, what a concert it was! Our legs hurt, we’ve lost voice, but it was worth it, and we know that Michał is satisfied with the concert in Krotoszyn, despite his initial worrying regarding the attendance. The boys from the band complained about the acoustics a bit, especially during the first few songs. But I think nobody noticed  it, right? 😉

So Krotoszyn is over and we keep our fingers crossed for a successful performance in Opole!



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